Dave Delongchamp


10 years being with this company. I enjoy the camaraderie with my co-workers.

Waleed Mohammed Ali

Supervisor in Training

I started working with ISC from August 2016. I love that I have a great degree of control and freedom within my job. My boys trust me to produce high quality work and results. I work hard to maintain that level of trust, which keeps me engaged and excited, but at the same time I love that my job enables me to love and enjoy my other passions in life. I am from Iraq. My hobbies include mathematics, reading, visiting museums, and history. I also visit zoos to discover more about animals and spend nice time with my family. I enjoy swimming.

Poonsa Hinmon


I have been with ISC for approximately 2 and ½  years. I love a lot of things about ISC like we work for the best people in the industry and they have been genuine with me in every encounter. I love what ISC stands for when it's most important (the way they stand by their guys). I have been fortunate to have been with the best staff ISC has to offer and the culture here is superb in the way we are all like a big family. Family is everything to me and the fact we are all apart of this family- it makes it easy to give your best no matter how tough things get. ISC has done so much for me in such a short time that I feel that it is my duty to give 100% of my best ability to everything I do for the company. I am from Portland Michigan, a small town where everyone is kind to each other and life is enriched by fellowship and family. My hobbies are watching my children at their sporting events. I love to see my boys play sports and to watch them be a part of something great makes my heart full. I am not very unique, but I have a huge heart and give everyone I meet the best of myself. I live by the philosophy that you treat others how you want to be treated.

Tim White


I have been with ISC for almost 4 years. I live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.